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Best Way Stone® Antico Curb*

Starting At: $10.69 Each

Color: Beige Mix
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Antico Curb

Antico Curb by Best Way Stone is a premium concrete curb product that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any landscape project. With its textured surface and natural stone-like appearance, this curb creates a timeless and classic look that complements any architectural style. It is available in two colours, making it easy to match any design or aesthetic. Whether you're looking to edge a flowerbed, create a border around a driveway, or define a pathway, Antico Curb provides the perfect finishing touch..

 Colour options:

Grey Mix
Beige Mix

Unit Dimensions:

15.75 x 3.95 x 5.91 in
400 x 100 x 150 mm

Bundle Specifications: 

Weight 1841 lbs
Units 64
Lineal Coverage 84 ft
Lineal Coverage Per Unit 1.31 ft