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Best Way Stone® Richmond 80mm*

Starting At: $9.79 per Sqft.

Color: Ultra Black
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Richmond 80

Richmond 80 is a rectangular Interlocking Paver with a refined textured surface. Richmond’s texture provides striking depth and is best used as a complement to Trevista 80 Smooth or Textured. For pedestrian and/or vehicular usage. Subtle textured surface provides striking interest.

Unit Dimensions:
6.5 x 13 x 3.15 in
165 x 330 x 80 mm

Bundle Specifications:

Coverage 98.4 Sqft.
Weight  3622 lbs
Layers 8
Units Per Bundle 168 (21 units/ layer)
Lineal Coverage  91 ft (Sailor) / 182 ft (Solider)
Lineal Coverage Per Layer 11.38 ft (Sailor) / 22.75 ft (Solider)