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Clubhouse Decking® Connect Clip Fastening System*

Starting At: $107.99 per Bag

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Connect Clip Fastening System

When you install high-quality PVC decking, you need a smart fastening system to show off the finished surface. Introducing the Clubhouse ConnectClip hidden fastening system. Ideal for all main decking areas, Clubhouse ConnectClip makes installation faster. All without damaging, marring, or even touching the surface.

This easy-to-install complete hidden fastening solution is simply engineered to work. The ingenious Clubhouse fastening system is a hidden secret designed to show off the beauty and elegant lines of premium Clubhouse Decking without any visible means of support.

Products available / coverage:

  • 1 bag covers 50 sqft.
    • stainless steel (hand driven) screws and clips are coastal approved.
    • Package contains 90 clips, 90 screws & a drive bit
  • 1 carton covers 300sqft.
    • Connect Clips are for TigerClaw-Gun Pneumatic Installation Gun.
    • Package contains 540 clips & 540 collated screws.