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Clubhouse Decking® Cortex Plug System*

Starting At: $158.99 per Bag

Color: Walnut
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Cortex Plug System

For stairs, perimeter boards, and other hard-to-reach areas of your deck, we suggest using our Clubhouse Colour Matched Cortex Hidden Fastening System. It is an excellent choice for establishing a strong connection between the screw and the joist, and it’s the fastest, easiest way to hide trim fasteners in PVC. With screw plugs that are made from colour matched Clubhouse Decking materials, you’ll have a perfect match.

  • Great for stairs, perimeter boards, and hard to reach areas
  • Cortex plugs blend seamlessly
  • Made from Clubhouse stock for perfect colour match
  • Available in all ten stylish Clubhouse decking colours
  • 100 lineal foot package
224 Screws. 300 Plugs and 2 setting tools. Needed for approximately 100 Lin Ft of Decking

Minimum Fastening Patterns:
  • 2 fasteners per 12" on center for perimeter boards
  • 2 fasteners per 16" on center for field deck boards
    2 Fasteners at each stair stringer to board connection
  • 3 fasteners every 12" on center for fascia boards

End and Edge Distance Minimums:
It is recommended that fasteners be installed no greater than 1" from end or edge of board. For closer distances, a pilot hole of 3/16" must be predrilled prior to installation.