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Eldorado Stone® Country Rubble Collection*

Starting At: $17.99 per Sqft.

Color: Palermo
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Country Rubble Collection

Country Rubble thin veneer brings to mind provincial stone types of Europe where the architecture is a reflection of a simpler way of life. Rough-faced stones are shot through with the colors of the region. A simple rustic beauty reflected in the randomness of each individual stone that captures the timeless character of the European countryside. Corners available.

Height: 2"– 16.5"

Length: 3.5"– 21"

Thickness: 0.625"–2.625"

Corner Returns: 2"– 5.75" short 3"–11.375" long

Corner Height: 2.625" – 12"

Please Note: Actual colors may vary from those shown on screen.