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Alliance Gator® Grid GG 30-30*

Starting At: $105.99 Each

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GATOR GRID GG 30-30 Biaxial no memory (2052 lbf/ft) is a high tenacity polyester yarn combined to on-line coating with oil mixed PVC on the geogrid. Gator Grid GG 30-30, a biaxial geogrid, provides strength, longevity, excellent stress transfer and prevents failure to the internal structure of your staircases, patios, landing areas and retaining walls. As a biaxial geogrid, GATOR GRID GG 30-30 has a high molecular weight as well as high-tenacity polyester yarns. Once unrolled on the ground, this geogrid without memory remains flat once unrolled.

Sold in rolls of:

  • 4' x 50'
  • 6' x 50'
  • 12' x 150'



  • Staircase internal structure
  • Raised patio internal structure
  • Retaining wall structures
  • Soil stability
  • Erosion control
  • General landscape
  • Low height retaining wall system
  • Medium height retaining wall system


  • Biaxial: can be installed in both direction
  • Adds strength, stability and longevity
  • Remains flat once unrolled
  • High tensile strength
  • Adds strength, stability and longevity
  • Helps reduce stress and load transfer to the structure
  • Soil separation for added stability