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GNH® Low Profile Paver Restraint*

Starting At: $14.59 Each

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Low Profile Paver Restraint

  • Built-in solid connection fastens one piece to the next.
  • Unique “One-Cut Snip & Flex” feature speeds installation of curves and corners without pre-planning.
  • One piece can be used for straight or curved installations. Spike bosses every 4” on center. Recommended spike spacing is 1 spike every 12” for driveways and 1 spike every 16” for patios and walkways.
  • Open base design promotes grass root system development and growth right through the base further strengthening the installation.

Low Profile comes in 6’ 8” lengths and has a back wall height of 13/8” and is designed to be used with pavers or natural stone 1”- 2” thick.