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Guillotined Armor Stone*

Starting At: $384.99 per Ton

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Guillotined Armor Stone

Used to create cleaner looking lines, Guillotined Armor Stone is cubical, stackable, and is well known for being naturally flat and uniform in height. Installation is quick and easy, making it ideal for edging pathways, garden borders, water features and retaining walls.

Stone Type: Limestone

Origin: ON, Canada


9-14" H x 9-14" D x 24-48" L (Approx. 12 Sqft./ Ton)

18-20" H x 18-20" D x 24-48" L (Approx. 8 Sqft./ Ton)

Priced By: Weight (ton) (Approx. 2 ton/ pallet)

Please Note: Natural stone may vary in color.