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Hebron Brick Company® Thin Brick Veneer*

Starting At: $94.95 per Box

Color: Speak Easy
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Thin Brick Veneer

Using real fired clay brick to make this thin veneer, restrictions go out the window and walls go up. Designed to eliminate the limitations of other brick, thin brick stands as a compelling alternative for architects and homeowners. Using their ancient veins of extraordinary clay and state-of-the-art brick plant, Hebron Brick Supply continues to yield a distinct variety of colours and offer a wealth of options in fine brick. 

Thin Is In

Remember when brick was considered heavy and cumbersome? Not anymore. Today, thin is in. Thin brick allows you to achieve the rich aesthetics of real clay brick, with a number of easy installation methods for homeowners and contractors. Brick has changed. Have you? Here’s a whole house full of reasons to consider Hebron Brick for your next project.