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In-Lite® Disc Wall 100-230V*

Starting At: $330.99 Each

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The DISC WALL 100-230V is an attractive wall light. The fixture produces a diffuse lighting effect on all sides and can be connected to 230V power point.

  • Produces a diffuse lighting effect on all sides
  • Suitable for installation on a wall using a 230V power outlet
  • Dimmable using an LED dimmer (not included, available at select home improvement centers)
  • PART NO. 5: 1x DISC WALL 100-230V
  • 200 mm Fixture cable
  • PART NO. 5: 1x Driver
  • 3x PART NO. 5: 1x Cable connector
  • PART NO. 5: 4x Screw
  • PART NO. 4: 1x DISC BASE
  • 2x PART NO. 4: 2x Screw
  • PART NO.4: 2x Nylon plug
  • PART NO. 4: Torx wrench