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In-Lite® Scope 12V*

Starting At: $148.99 Each

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The focused light from the SCOPE LED outdoor spotlight highlights special places in the yard such as trees, shrubs, statues and facades up to 8 meters away.

The EASY-LOCK is supplied as standard with this luminaire. The cable length on this luminaire is 60 cm.

  • Produces a focused light
  • Designed for illuminating trees up to 8 meters
  • Height adjustable with accessories
Installation advice:

3 SCOPE several meters away from the trunk, aimed at the top.

  • 1x EASY LOCK
  • 60 cm Fixture cable
  • Ground pin
  • 1x Nylon plug
  • 1x Screw
  • 1x Torx wrench
  • 1x Cable plug