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Masonal Stone® Granite Collection - Muskoka Grey*

Starting At: $1294.99 per Ton

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Granite Collection - Muskoka Grey

Muskoka ashlars connect strongly with many people living on or visiting the Canadian Shield. The timeless stone paints our imaginations through car windows traveling our roadways. Muskoka Grey ashlars concentrates and unites the rich darker colours of our granites leaving only speckles of typical pinks behind.

Full Bed Packaging:

  • Per Skid
  • 22 ton (Bulk pricing applies)
  • 40 ton (Bulk pricing applies)
Heights 4", 7", 11.5"
Lengths 8"-22"+, Longer in the fullbed
Approx Width 3-5"
Colours Dark Greys and Blacks with a small percentage of pinks/reds
Approx Weight 14 lbs/SF
Stone Granite