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Rymar® Rubber Mulch*

Starting At: $11.95 per Bag

Color: Brown
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Rymar Rubber Mulch 

An innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood mulch for landscaping and playgrounds. Compared to wood mulch, rubber mulch is safer, more cost-effective, durable, environmentally-friendly and lower-maintenance. Plus, rubber mulch is clean— minimizing airborne dust and particles.

Made from 100% recycled auto and truck tires ground to pieces sized between 3/8″ to 3/4″, Rymar Rubber Mulch is 99.99% metal-free thanks to our high-powered magnets and extremely sensitive metal detectors. Our unmatched polyurethane coating chemically bonds with the rubber to provide years and years of lasting colour and beauty.


  • Save up to 57% over 5 years by reducing annual mulching costs
  • Natural looking and colours remain vibrant
  • Meets or exceeds US CPSC and IPEMA guidelines
  • A 6” layer provides 16’ of vertical fall height protection as per ASTM F129204
  • Non-staining—the colour will not rub off on children’s clothes or pets
  • Polyurethane coating provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance