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Rymar® Uri-Cide Urine Eliminator*

Starting At: $34.99 Each

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Uri-cide Urine Eliminator

URI-CIDE® is a remarkable odor eliminator. It is the only Microbial/ Enzyme based product that is designed for the complete removal of stains, pet urine smells and other odors of the most offensive kind.

URI-CIDE® is Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable and completely safe around Kids, Pets, Plants and Fish. It is safe to use on any and all surfaces including artificial turf, carpet, furniture, fabrics, plastic, linoleum, wood and concrete.

This amazing product will eliminate stains and odors from pet stools, urine and vomit. It also works on wet dog smells, skunk sprays, cat litter boxes, food grease and more!