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TruNorth Decking® Fascia Screws*

Starting At: $70.99 per Pack

Color: Bordeaux #87 Burgundy
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Fascia Screws

Our precisely engineered Deckfast® Fascia System is the highest quality on the market and will make adding fascia boards to your deck design easy and seamless. The Deckfast® Fascia System includes a Fascia Tool and custom designed, colour coated stainless steel Fascia Screws. Fascia Screws additionally feature star drive recesses and are ACQ approved.

The top-of-the-line Fascia System is specially designed to work perfectly with the levels of expansion and contraction that could be caused by temperature or moisture when using composite or PVC decking fascia boards. The pre-drilling Fascia Tool purposely drills an oversized hole for the Fascia Screw. In doing this, the fascia board hangs from the screw, instead of sitting snugly against it,  therefore allowing the boards to expand and contract without putting a large amount of stress on the fastener.

The Fascia Screws exhibit the following features: 

  • T-20 Star Drive Recesses
  • Colour Matched Stainless Steel 

The Fascia Screws are available in a wide range of colours to match the majority of popular decking boards. Made of stainless steel, they are 9 x 1-7/8″.

  • Type 17 Auger Tip

A type 17 auger tip allows for faster and easier entry, which helps to prevent splitting of treated lumber.