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TruNorth Decking® Slide & Go Clip Kit*

Starting At: $117.99 Each

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Slide & Go Clip Kit

Are you looking for the most seamless composite decking installation process available for your deck? Unlike universal clips, TruNorth Decking’s exclusive Slide & Go fastening clip system fits perfectly into the grooves of both our Accuspan and Enviroboard decking adding beautiful and durable stability to your deck. And because the fit is perfect, your deck will be level, smooth, and safer for bare feet and paws. For a deck that is easier to install and that will look its best for longer, choose TruNorth Composite Decking with Slide & Go Fastening Clips.

Our Slide & Go fastening clip system allows for easy installation and these great benefits:

    • Easy installation
    • No visible screws
    • Consistent gaps between boards
    • Safer for bare feet and your pet’s paws
    • Single boards can be removed, flipped, and adjusted if needed
    • Reinforced plastic that never rusts
    • Superior hold for secure deck boards
    • Made to exactly fit our boards (not a universal clip that fits “just okay”)
    • Used for the grooved edge
    • TruNorth Accuspan and Enviroboard series of decking boards
    • Tight fit for reduced lateral movement and added stability
    • Concealed deck fasteners create a smooth deck surface
    • Durable materials for long-lasting strength