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Unilock® Arcana Slab 50mm*

Starting At: $15.99 per Sqft.

Color: Corvara
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Arcana Slab

The silky, matte texture and unique speckled color palette of Arcana is created by fine blasting its surface to expose a combination of natural granite, quartz and marble particles. These large format slabs are on-trend for patios, pool surrounds, walkways, roof decks and overlay projects. Arcana features a non-slip surface and is factory sealed with EasyClean™, an integral surface protection from stains. This is a significant benefit when Arcana is used in outdoor dining areas and high traffic commercial projects.

Unit Dimensions:

453mm x 606mm x 50mm
17 7/8" x 23 7/8" x 2"

Bundle Specifications:

Coverage 54 Sqft.
Units 18
Weight 1296 lbs


606mm x 606mm x 50mm
23 7/8" x 23 7/8" x 2"

Bundle Specifications:

Coverage 72 Sqft.
Units 18
Weight 1728 lbs